Welcome to the Foreign Language Centre at the University of Szeged

As a central unit of the University of Szeged, we offer General English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian and Spanish language courses at nearly all levels to students who are not majoring in these languages at the University. We also offer language courses for specific purposes, for example, Biology, Economics, IT, Pharmacy or Tourism.

Students with an active status at the University of Szeged (including international students) are entitled to a certain number of language courses free of charge during their studies (see our Academic regulations for more details). Non-University of Szeged students may join our courses for a fee if there are places available and, in the case of non-EU citizens, on condition that they already hold a residence permit that is valid until the end of the given academic semester.

We are an accredited examination centre for various exams in English, German and Hungarian languages.

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We hope to see you in our classes or language exams!