Language courses

The Foreign Language Centre at the University of Szeged offers the following language courses in the autumn semester of the academic year 2018-2019. For more information on each course (instructor's name, time and place), please click on the link below to download our timetable as a pdf document:

Timetable 2018 autumn »

If you are a student of the University of Szeged, you can enroll in our courses free of charge, and you can register in the Neptun Student Information System. If you do not have access to Neptun, please come to the first class meeting and register with the instructor.

Non University of Szeged students may join our courses for a fee if places are available and on condition that they already hold a residence permit that is valid until the end of the semester.

For further information, please contact Sprok Marcell.

Course list autumn 2018

English A1 Elementary 2x2
English A2 Pre-Intermediate 2x2
English B1 Intermediate 2x2
English B2 Upper-Intermediate 2x2
English C1 Advanced 2x2
English C1 Advanced Consolidation 1x2
English Cambridge CAE C1 Exam Preparation 1x2
English Communication in Science B2 1x2
English for Academic Purposes (Speaking and Listening) B2 1x2
English for Chemistry B2 1x2
English for Economics B2 1x2
English for Engineering B1 1x2
English for Environmental Protection B2 1x2
English for Geography B2 1x2
English for Informatics B1 1x2
English for Informatics B2 1x2
English for Law (TOLES) B2-C1 Exam Preparation 1x2
English for Medicine B2 1x2
English for Pharmacy B1-B2
English for Tourism
English IELTS B2-C1 Exam Preparation (Course Book) 1x2
English IELTS B2-C1 Exam Preparation (Exam Papers) 1x2
French B2-C1 Advanced 1x2
German A1-A2 Elementary 2x2
German A1-A2 Elementary with English Instruction 2x2
German A2-B1 Intermediate 2x2
German B1 Intermediate 1x2
German B1+ Intermediate 2x2
German B2 Consolidation
German B2 Exam Foundation 1x2
German B2 Exam Preparation 1x2
German C1 Advanced 1x2
German C1 Advanced Exam Preparation 1x2
German for Economics B2 Exam Preparation 2x2
German Grammar B2 1x2
Hungarian Language A1 Elementary Level 2 2x2
Hungarian Language A2+ Pre-intermediate Level 1 1x2
Hungarian Language B1+ Intermediate Level 1 1x2
Italian A1-A2 Elementary 2x2 Group 1
Italian A1-A2 Elementary 2x2 Group 3
Italian A2 Pre-Intermediate 1x2
Italian A2-B1 Intermediate 2x2
Italian B1-B2 Intermediate 2x2
Italian Origó B2 Oral Exam Preparation 1x2
Romanian A2-B1 Intermediate 1x2
Russian A2-B1 Intermediate 1x2
Russian Origó B2 Exam Preparation 1x2
Spanish Origó B2 Oral Exam Preparation 1x2