Academic regulations regarding language courses offered to non-University of Szeged students

  1. Two weeks before the beginning of each semester, the Foreign Language Centre publishes on its website (Language courses) a list of courses offered to foreign students.
  2. Students of the University of Szeged can enrol in these courses free of charge.
  3. Non-University of Szeged students may join the courses for a fee if places are available and on condition that they already hold a residence permit that is valid until the end of the semester.
  4. The Foreign Language Centre retains the right to change the list of courses until the end of the second week of the semester.
  5. The exact times of the classes are published in the timetable available on the webpage Language courses.
  6. Students of the University of Szeged can register for courses in the Neptun Student Information System.
  7. Non-University of Szeged students must register with the instructor of the course in the first class meeting. In the case of online courses, students need to contact the instructor beforehand to request an access link.
  8. In the first class, the instructor informs the students about the topics to be covered, the course book, and the requirements. If relevant, students complete a placement test.
  9. If the instructor accepts a non-University of Szeged student on the course, they must fill in a language course enrolment form, to which they must attach a copy of their residence permit as well as the proof of payment of the course fee.
  10. Course fees are published on the webpage Language courses. The exact amount depends on the student's status, the type of course, and the number of teaching hours. The Foreign Language Centre does not charge a fee for any lesson that is not held because it falls on a national holiday.
  11. The course fee does not include the price of the course books.
  12. If a non-University of Szeged student misses a lesson after enrolling in the course and paying the course fee, or if they stop attending the course, the Foreign Language Centre does not refund any part of the course fee or offer a replacement course.
  13. If any pre-paid lesson is cancelled by the fault of the Foreign Language Centre, the instructor provides extra consultation hours as replacement, or the Foreign Language Centre refunds the proportional part of the course fee.
  14. The deadline for joining language courses for non-University of Szeged students is 12:00 Friday of the fourth week of the semester. The Foreign Language Centre does not charge a fee for any lessons held but not attended by the student before registering.
  15. If the student completes the course successfully, they can request a language course certificate on condition that
    • they have attended 70% of the lessons, and
    • their final marks are above 60%.
  16. The opening hours of the Foreign Language Centre and the time of the lessons are determined by the opening hours of the University of Szeged.
  17. Comments or complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the Head of Institute.