Academic Regulations of the Foreign Language Centre at the University of Szeged

Students of the University of Szeged are entitled to 16 hours (16 x 45 minutes) of language courses per week free of charge during their studies. Students with an active status may register for any of the language courses offered during any given semester, in any number of hours. Students may re-register for any language course.

1.2. Students of a higher-level vocational training course are entitled to 8 hours of language courses per week. Postgraduate (Master) students who did not complete their undergraduate studies at the University of Szeged are entitled to 6 hours per week.

2. Master students or students taking part in other simultaneous undergraduate studies (those who have obtained their student status in a second programme following an entrance examination) are entitled to language courses free of charge up to the number of language courses they have not used previously.

3. Doctoral students’ language learning is regulated by the Regulations Governing the Doctoral Training Programmes of the University. State funded PhD/DLA students are entitled to 4 hours of language courses per week over a period of three semesters free of charge. They may, however, register for language courses in a study plan different from the above, e.g. they may choose to register for 12 weekly hours during one semester. Credits shall not be granted for foreign language courses.

4.1. Students have to pay a fee for language courses taken in excess of the number of free language courses established above during the given semester.

4.2. Students have to pay a fee for the otherwise free language courses following the given semester only in the following cases:

(a) the student requests deregistration from the language course after the end of the course registration period


(b) the student did not successfully complete the course.

5.1. Language courses at the Foreign Language Centre begin in the first week of the semester as per the academic calendar. The Language Centre may change the starting date of the course only if the course in question is offered to students of one particular faculty (students from other faculties have not registered for this course), and the management of the faculty in question has notified the language centre of a starting date different from that of the other faculties.

5.2. In accordance with the above, registered students have to be present in the language class in the first week of the semester. This is important as it will allow the teacher to assess the students’ level and also carry out a needs analysis which will help the teacher to fine-tune the course content.

5.3. Language courses with course codes ending in a and b belong together and make up one weekly 2x2 (four-hour) course. The teacher may allow students to register for only one part of such a course on condition that they should make up for the missed course work. Students need to be aware and accept that assessment is based on the course material covered in all class meetings during the whole semester.

5.4. Students may deregister from language courses until the end of the XN course registration period.

6. Attendance is compulsory for students registered for a language course. They may be absent without presenting a certificate from 15 percent of the course. The percentage of the total number of absences cannot be higher than 20 percent even if the student presents a certificate. Students have to make up for the course content covered while they were away. The completion of the course is unsuccessful if a student is absent from more than 20 percent of the language course.

7. Students must have the course material with them in every class in a usable format: on a tablet, laptop or in paper format. Smartphones are not acceptable for this purpose.

8.1. During the semester, students have to take two written tests. Students absent from a test for medical reasons need to establish a new test date with the teacher. The semester is not successful if the student has not written or has failed both tests. The teacher agrees on the two test dates with the students, but tests usually take place in the 6th and 13th weeks of the semester. If needed, tests can be retaken or the final grade can be improved during term time. The teacher has to keep the tests until the end of the semester. Tests may be viewed by students but they cannot be released.

8.2. The final grade is based on the results achieved in the two (passed) tests, the assignments handed in, and the student’s work in class.

8.3. Depending on the course, the teacher is free to establish course requirements different from the above. Students will be informed of any amendments to the course requirements at the beginning of the semester as well as via the Requirements section of the CooSpace Course Scene.

9. The test results and the final grade will be disclosed only to students registered on the course.

Please note:

Photocopying course books is illegal; original course books should be used at all times. Students are allowed to copy course materials compiled or written by the teacher.